Angela Buckley, MA, BA Mus (Hons.)

Piano Play with Angela

Over the twenty years I’ve been teaching Music, I’ve seen what students really respond to and that is fun, colour and creativity. I take a multi-faceted approach to teaching piano: pattern-play, composition, chord-play, improvisation, off-bench activities, technology and workshops (on and off-line) are a huge part of my teaching strategy. I bring the best resources I can to my studio for my students to benefit from.

Piano Lesson Options

Buddy Lessons

This option has to be my favourite service that I am introducing to my studio in September 2020! In Buddy Lessons, two students spend part of the lesson together. Student 1 arrives at their appointed time for their one-to-one 30 minute lesson. At this point, Student 2 arrives and both students have a joint session for 30 minutes. During this time we work on duets, theory, music games, composition projects, ensemble and other concepts. After this 30 minute overlap, Student 1 leaves and Student 2 has their 30 minute one-to-one time. Each student receives a 60 minute lesson (shorter option for children ages 7 and under)!

Children learn much better when working in groups and with peers. Buddy lessons are so much fun and students learn through watching and listening to each other, playing manipulative games together and playing piano together while also getting quality, individual attention during their solo 30 minute session.

How do I find a Buddy?

I will match up suitable Buddies! It’s also an opportunity to make a new friend! If two friends are starting out on their piano journey and they would like to do it together just put both names down on the Waiting List!

Solo Lessons

Solo lessons are available at my studio: 30 minutes for children age 7 and under and 45 minutes for children age 8+.

Keyboard Katapult and Mini Musicians

Keyboard Katapult is a group keyboard class for children ages 8+. Each session lasts 60 minutes and because I use specially arranged multi-level music by the amazing Ms. Dorla of Dorla’s Piano Studio, there is a part for everyone to play.

Children ages 4-6 join Mini Musicians, a specially designed piano/keyboard group programme for young children. Mini Musicians is full of singing, movement, manipulative games and yes, it introduces young children to the piano! There is no requirement to have a piano/keyboard at home and there is a low to no home practice requirement! Once they have fun in class, everything else will follow. Check out this video here.


Students are invited to attend 3 workshops (music-themed Piano Parties) per academic year. I want all students in my studio to feel like they are part of a community. These workshops are an ideal opportunity for students to meet up, play some fantastic Music games and have some fun! This years workshops took place online and the theme was ‘Composing’. It was fantastic fun – everyone collaborated on choosing rhythms and added their own melodies.

First Music Composition by M. Each student received a typset copy and a Certificate of Attendance.


All students are encouraged to perform a selection of their favourite pieces in the annual studio recital. In May 2020 we had our first ‘Keyboard Kapers Virtual Recital’ where students and their families joined me on Zoom to enjoy performances each student pre-recorded for the recital. It was extra special because much-loved grandparents logged in and saw their grandchildren perform.

‘Keyboard Kapers Virtual Recital 2020’