Back to Teaching, and COVID-19 is still here!

I’m so excited to start back teaching in September! It only seems like yesterday that everything was locked-down and we switched to online lessons. I know we are still in very uncertain times with regards to COVID-19 so, preparations this year are somewhat different. Keep reading to find out what I’m implementing in my studio to keep everyone as safe as possible!

What am I doing in-studio to help reduce the chances of transmission?

  1. Moving into a bigger, well ventilated space.
  2. Wearing a mask/visor.
  3. Washing hands before and after each lesson.
  4. Providing hand sanitiser for student/parent use.
  5. Regularly sanitising door handles and other commonly touched areas.
  6. Sanitising piano keys before and after every lesson.
  7. Laminating manipulative games that can be cleaned down after before and after use.
  8. Keeping a Contact Tracing record

What can students and parents expect when they attend for in-person lessons?

  1. The same friendly welcome as usual 😊.
  2. Parents are to wear masks inside the studio unless unable to do so for medical reasons. Under the current regulations, students under the age of 13 are not required to wear masks.
  3. A bigger room with 2 pianos 😍(one acoustic, one digital) 🎹🎹. I’ll be alternating use of the pianos so if the student in the previous lesson has used the acoustic piano the following student will use the digital piano. I will not ‘share’ a piano with students, instead I will accompany/demonstrate on a separate keyboard.
  4. Marked spaces on the floor where games or other off-bench activities take place.
  5. Students will have to wash their hands before and after their lesson.

What about online lessons?

Online tuition is available for anyone who is uncomfortable attending in-person or who may be cocooning, in a high-risk category or generally feeling unwell. You can expect the same level of teaching and preparation. I will post out all of your materials if you cannot attend in person to pick them up. If you have signed up for Buddy Lessons or Keyboard Katapult (Group Piano) we can also do those online! Buddies/Keyboard Katapulters may be in-studio and the other(s) online or all can be online! It works very well regardless even if we are not all together in the same room 😊.

What about student materials?

Each student will receive:

  1. a Studio Presentation Folder and their Method & Theory books. These will be taken home and brought back to lessons every week. The folder will be wiped down before we wash our hands and before the student leaves the lesson.
  2. Their own mesh wallet with their own pencils, colouring pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, game token(s) and playdoh (if applicable). These items will not be shared with anyone else in any other lesson. This wallet will remain IN-STUDIO each week. All items will be wiped down before use. At the end of the lesson, everything will be wiped down and the student will place their mesh wallet in a ziplock bag (provided) and place it in a storage box which will remain in-studio until the next lesson.

I think I’ve covered everything here πŸ€”. If not, I’ll update as we go. I will be keeping track of any government recommendations and if anyone has any questions or suggestions, please do get in contact with me here.

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