How To Speak MOO!

This hilarious story is one I read to my students in my Kids Musicianship Club a few weeks ago. It’s all about the language of MOO – you may have it at home! 

The children had so much fun learning the language of MOO and I also had a hidden agenda – they were practising the different voice types that we use in music, in life! They had to use their imagination and critical thinking skills to use to create the different voice types.

How To Speak Moo! by Deborah Fajerman

Of course, the children aren’t told all of these boring terms! They participate in the story and I sprinkle the conversation with some phrases like ‘ooh – I wonder how we can do a loud MOO; a bouncy MOO; an echo MOO’! 

It’s fascinating to see them stop and think about it and of course, they have fun doing it. 

Check out some more information on my Kids Musicianship Club here:

Children ages 4-6 years can join anytime!

Angela 🎶

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